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Eris, which takes the name of Greek goddess of discord, is a protein stability prediction server. Eris server calculates the change of the protein stability induced by mutations (ΔΔG) utilizing the recently developed Medusa modeling suite. In our test study, the ΔΔG values of a large dataset (>500) were calculated and compared with the experimental data and significant correlations are found. The correlation coefficients vary from 0.5 to 0.8. Eris also allows refinement of the protein structure when high-resolution structures are not available. Compared with many other stability prediction servers, our method is not specifically trained using protein stability data and should be valid for a wider range of proteins. Furthermore, Eris models backbone flexibility, which turns out to be crucial for ΔΔG estimation of small-to-large mutations. More details are available in our publications:

S. Yin, F. Ding, and N. V. Dokholyan, "Eris: an automated estimator of protein stability" Nature Methods 4, 466-467 (2007)
S. Yin, F. Ding, and N. V. Dokholyan, "Modeling backbone flexibility improves protein stability estimation" Structure, 15: 1567-1576 (2007)
F. Ding and N. V. Dokholyan, "Emergence of protein fold families through rational design" Public Library of Science Computational Biology, 2: e85 (2006)

The standalone Eris software is available via Molecules in Action, LLC.

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