Welcome to iFold! - a web portal for interactive protein folding/unfolding simulations. We perform discrete molecular dynamics simulations of proteins using coarse-grained structural models (two-beads/residue).

The underlying approach, discrete molecular dynamics, is one of the fastest strategies for simulating protein dynamics, due, in part, to its efficient sampling of the vast conformation space of biomolecules in both length and time scales. iFold server supports simulations for protein folding, unfolding, thermodynamic scan, simulated annealing and p(fold) analysis.

Currently two-bead/residue Go model is available for protein simulations. Models for DNA and RNA are under development and will be added to iFold in due course. Please use the adjoining menu to register/login to the iFold server. To cite iFold in your research, please use the following reference:

  • S. Sharma, F. Ding, H. Nie, D. Watson, A. Unnithan, J. Lopp, D. Pozefsky, and N. V. Dokholyan, "iFold: A platform for interactive folding simulations of proteins" Bioinformatics, 22: 2693-2694 (2006).[Adobe PDF][Supporting Information, Adobe PDF]
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